Yasmin Soto Alaoui

Yasmin Soto is a German/Mexican designer living in Paris. Yasmin Soto does not like to talk about herself in third person, so that's why I'm changing to first person.

I like design. Like, I really like design.

I like it so much that I moved from

Puebla, MX to study design in Berlin, DE. Then I liked it so much that I moved to Paris to design at Landor. And now, I hope to like it to work on your next project. With you: hopefully a likeable person.

Hire me!

(Modest) Work History

Landor Paris

2018 – 2019

Junior Designer

Heimat Berlin


Design Support


  • soto.alaoui.yasmin
  • @gmail.com

+33 7 66 24 82 94